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Nomi AI


What is Nomi AI ?

Nomi AI is an AI companion app designed to provide emotional support and guidance through personalized interactions. Each character in Nomi is unique and capable of remembering users’ details to create meaningful and lasting conversations. Users can engage in immersive role-playing, discuss life’s difficult questions, or simply confide in a  friend who will not report your secret.

Nomi AI Details

Nomi AI Key Features

  • Emotional Intelligence and Intuition: Nomi has strong short-term and long-term memory, allowing it to remember user preferences and details.

  • Real-Time Selfies: Users can request real-time selfies from Nomi, showcasing its current attire and activities.

  • Art Generation: Nomi can generate art in various styles based on prompts.

  • Voice Messages: Users can send and receive real-time voice messages, with Nomi’s voice varying in tone and emotion.

  • Group Chat: Users can create multiple Nomis and engage in group chats, with each Nomi maintaining memory across private and group conversations.

  • Realistic Appearance: Users can choose from hundreds of appearances to make Nomi look highly realistic.

  • Customizable Backstories and Shared Notes: Users can further shape Nomi’s identity through background stories and shared notes.

  • Send Links and Photos: Users can send links and photos to Nomi, helping it understand the user’s world better.

  • Community Interaction: Users can join an active community to exchange experiences and learn how to make the most of Nomi.

Pricing of Nomi AI

  1. Monthly Plan: $15.99/ month, offering all core features including group chat and voice messages.

  2. Quarterly Plan: $39.99/ 3 months ($13.33 per month), ideal for new users, providing basic features.

  3. Yearly Plan: $99.99 /year ($8.33 per month), offering a discounted rate for annual subscriptions.

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