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Best AI Sex Bot: Levy's SIX Pick for You


NSFW Character AI offers unrestricted content and supports multilingual input, catering to a global audience. Users can define character attributes through short text inputs and train these characters.


Muah AI

Muah AI stands out for its NSFW filter, which is deactivated by default but has garnered significant attention from users.

erogen ai intro

Erogen AI

Erogen AI is to be designed for adults, focusing on creating dynamic AI avatars that users can interact with.

botmaker icon


Botmake.io offers a clean and intuitive no-code chatbot creation tool, making it accessible for users of all technical levels.

dreamgf.ai ICON


DreamGF enables users to engage with virtual girlfriends through chatting, voice messages, and personalized content. 

anima ai icon

Anima AI

ANIMA AI is available on both Android and iOS platforms, designed to function as a virtual AI companion that provides users with interactive experiences. 



GirlfriendGPT is a platform dedicated to creating interactive AI characters, with a strong emphasis on adult-oriented and NSFW interactions. 

onlyrizz icon


OnlyRizz allows users to interact with and customize their virtual girlfriends. It provides an immersive experience where users can engage in AI chats, share pictures, and shape their relationships the way they desire.



JOI AI offers a unique experience with AI Girlfriend Companionship.  These AI entities provide natural and personalized responses, catering to the specific interests of users for an engaging experience.



Flirtflix.AI provides an immersive experience where users can engage with AI personalities that are playful, flirty, seductive, intimate, and passionate.

mechat logo


MeChat is designed, produced, and released on Android and iOS devices by PlayMe Studio. The game has gained popularity for its engaging storyline and interactive elements.


Intimate AI

Intimate AI is  positioned as the leading AI girlfriend and sexting app, offering users the thrill of developing a virtual romantic connection.


Whispers: Chapters of Love

“Whispers: Chapters of Love” is a platform where players can experience love island adventures, shaping their destiny through chapters of passion and romance.

candy ai icon

Candy AI

Candy.ai is designed to simulate genuine human interactions, providing users with virtual companions that closely resemble real human beings in terms of conversation quality. 

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SextBots offers a diverse range of virtual characters, each with unique personalities and backstories, to engage users in personalized and uncensored erotic roleplay. 

Fap ai


FapAI is an innovative platform designed for adult entertainment, specifically focusing on sexting experiences. 



Supersexy.ai allows users to chat, sext, and even receive images and hear the voices of these AI entities. 

tabou stories

Tabou Stories

Tabou Stories offers players a unique opportunity to dive into interactive stories where their choices shape the narrative.

kupid ai icon

Kupid AI

Kupid AI represents a significant advancement in the realm of artificial intelligence, offering a unique platform for virtual companionship and interaction.

ai girlfriend wtf icon

AI Girlfriend WTF

AI Girlfriend WTF offers a unique experience of interacting with AI girlfriends. It’s designed for those seeking virtual companionship and adventure, providing a space to explore fantasies and engage in AI roleplay.

love sparks icon

Love Sparks

Love Sparks offers a unique blend of dating simulation and narrative role-playing, allowing users to dive into a world of romantic adventures and fantasy.

vmate ai

VMate AI

Vmate AI allows users to interact with AI roleplay characters, offering a personalized and immersive chat experience. 



Texthub.me presents itself as a unique platform designed for engaging in passionate conversations. 

Amouranth_ai icon

Amouranth AI

Spearheaded by Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, a well-known personality in the streaming and online content creation world, this AI initiative has garnered significant attention.



GetIdol offers users a unique experience where they can interact with AI-generated characters, referred to as “Idols.”

lovemy ai icon


LoveMy.ai offers a unique and immersive experience for users seeking virtual companionship. It’s a platform where you can chat with an AI girlfriend, tailored to your preferences and interests.

ehentai.ai icon


eHentai.ai allows users to create and interact with AI-generated anime characters. It’s a unique blend of technology and creativity, offering a new form of entertainment and interaction for anime enthusiasts.

trynectar ai icon

TryNectar AI

TryNectar AI allows users to create their dream girlfriend using advanced AI technology. This unique application offers a powerful creator tool to customize the appearance, personality, and backstory of a virtual girlfriend. 

priveeAI ICON

Privee AI

Privee AI is designed to cater to those who enjoy roleplaying and engaging with AI characters, offering a unique blend of realism and fantasy.

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