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Best AI Girlfriend APP


Character AI

Character.ai, also known as c.ai, is a chatbot service that allows users to interact with various characters and even craft their own characters with unique personalities for text-based conversations. The platform also offers a speech-to-text feature.



Replika is a generative AI chatbot app developed by Luka, Inc., released in November 2017.  The chatbot is trained by having users answer a series of questions to create a specific neural network. Replika offers different relational tiers, presenting itself as a “friend”.


CrushOn AI

Crushon AI is a groundbreaking platform that offers users an unrestricted environment for interacting with artificial intelligence chatbots. Distinctively, it embraces NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content, allowing users to engage in a wide variety of topics without limitations. 

yodayo logo


The “Tavern” feature on Yodayo is a beta platform that allows users to engage in AI-driven chats. Within the Tavern, users can explore a variety of AI characters categorized under different themes such as vTubers, Roleplay, Non-Binary, Fantasy, Education, Drama, Anime, Adventure, and more. 

anima ai icon

Anima AI

ANIMA AI is available on both Android and iOS platforms, designed to function as a virtual AI companion that provides users with interactive experiences. The AI engages in friendly chats, role-playing activities, and assists in the enhancement of communication.


Talkie: Soulful AI

Discover Talkie: Soulful AI, a revolutionary AI chatbot platform that offers a unique and immersive way to interact with diverse AI personalities.


Intimate AI

Intimate AI is an innovative application designed to simulate the experience of building a new relationship with an AI girlfriend. It’s positioned as the leading AI girlfriend and sexting app, offering users the thrill of developing a virtual romantic connection.

Hiwaifu ai icon

HiWaifu AI

HiWaifu AI is an innovative mobile application that brings the power of artificial intelligence into the realm of personal companionship. It allows users to create and interact with personalized AI characters, offering a unique blend of friendship, romance, and digital companionship.


Mimico AI

Mimico AI is an innovative virtual chat application that provides users with an interactive experience with AI-driven virtual characters. It’s designed to offer both entertainment and creative inspiration through engaging conversations with a variety of customizable characters.


Nastia AI

Nastia AI is an AI-powered companion designed to offer emotional support and mental coaching. It provides a non-judgmental space for users to express their feelings and experiences. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Nastia AI engages in interactive and personalized conversations.

chai ai icon

Chai AI

Chai AI stands out as a versatile and engaging platform for interacting with a wide range of AI chatbots. Its key features, including the swipe-to-chat mechanism, personalized AI streams, and a variety of engaging conversations, make it a popular choice for users seeking interactive AI experiences.

Romantic AI LOGO

Romantic AI

Romantic AI offers a unique experience in the realm of virtual companionship. It’s designed for those who dream of having the perfect partner, providing an opportunity to interact with AI-powered characters. These characters can be either chosen from a pre-existing library or created by users to fit their specific preferences and desires.



Rosychat is an innovative AI-powered chat application that allows users to connect with a diverse range of AI chatbots, providing a unique, multi-sensory chat experience. It transcends traditional texting by offering interactions through photos, voice messages, and more, creating an engaging experience that’s not just seen or heard, but felt.

luna icon

Luna: My AI Girlfriend

Luna: My AI Girlfriend is an innovative mobile application that offers users a unique and immersive experience with an artificial intelligence companion. This app is designed to provide companionship, conversation, and a personalized relationship experience through advanced AI technology.

Nomi ai icon

Nomi AI

Nomi AI is an innovative application designed to provide users with a unique artificial intelligence companion. It offers a personalized experience where the AI, known as Nomi, learns and grows alongside its user.


iGirl:AI Girlfriend

iGirl-AI Girlfriend is an innovative mobile application designed to create a virtual girlfriend experience through advanced artificial intelligence. It offers users the opportunity to engage in conversations and roleplay with a character AI that simulates the experience of interacting with a real girl.


Eva AI

Eva AI is an innovative artificial intelligence platform designed to create and foster virtual relationships. It offers users the opportunity to interact with a digital AI partner that is responsive, understanding, and tailored to individual preferences and needs.

waifuchat icon


WaifuChat is an innovative mobile application designed to provide users with a unique virtual companion experience. It leverages advanced AI technology to create personalized anime-style characters, known as “waifus,” offering users an engaging and interactive experience.

kindroid ai icon

Kindroid AI

Kindroid AI is an innovative application that offers a unique blend of artificial intelligence and human-like interaction. It enables users to create and engage with a digital companion, providing a personalized and immersive experience.

kuki ai icon

Kuki AI

Kuki AI, formerly known as Mitsuku, is an advanced AI chatbot designed to interact with humans in a meaningful and engaging way. Developed using Pandorabots’ AIML technology , Kuki has become a prominent figure in the realm of conversational AI.

digi ai romance icon

Digi AI Romance

Digi AI Romance is an innovative application that marks a significant leap in the realm of digital companionship. It’s not just a chatbot; it’s an advanced AI system designed to provide a unique blend of lifelike interaction, stunning avatars, and secure, compassionate connections.

ai fantasy icon

AI Fantasy

AI Fantasy represents a groundbreaking platform in the realm of AI, specifically focusing on chatbot interactions. It’s a space where the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred, offering users an immersive experience with AI characters.

talkbae icon


TalkBae is an innovative application that merges the realms of artificial intelligence and virtual companionship. It offers users a unique experience of interacting with AI-powered virtual girlfriends or boyfriends, providing a blend of emotional support, engaging conversations, and personalized interactions.

Trumate icon


TruMate is an innovative AI companion chat app designed to revolutionize the way we interact and communicate. It leverages advanced AI technology to offer a personalized, immersive experience, providing companionship, entertainment, and interactive engagement like never before.

soulfun icon


SoulFun is an innovative app designed to provide users with a unique and immersive experience of interacting with AI characters. It offers a blend of entertainment, companionship, and personalization.

ai girlfriend wtf icon

AI Girlfriend WTF

AI Girlfriend WTF is an innovative platform that offers a unique experience of interacting with AI girlfriends. It’s designed for those seeking virtual companionship and adventure, providing a space to explore fantasies and engage in AI roleplay.

avatar.one icon


Avatar.One creates personalized and immersive experiences. Users can chat, flirt, roleplay, and more with their custom-made AI companions, defining their avatars’ personalities to create a unique version tailored just for them.

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