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What is is a platform dedicated to facilitating the creation of chatbots in a no-code, straightforward environment. It’s designed to be super simple and clean, allowing users to create chatbots efficiently and without the need for extensive programming knowledge. Details Key Features

  1. Automate: Automates repetitive questions, allowing teams to concentrate on more complex tasks.
  2. CSV Support: Compatibility with various office software for data import/export in CSV format.
  3. Customization: Offers easy customization options for chatbots, including appearance and personality, to align with your company’s branding.
  4. App Extensions: Users can enhance their chatbots with applications available in the app store or create custom apps.
  5. Embedding: Provides an embed code for easy integration of chatbots into websites, blogs, shops, etc.
  6. Smart Auto Complete: Features intelligent auto-complete suggestions for users interacting with the chatbot.


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