What is is an AI companion app that enables users to create their own AI anime characters for texting, flirting, sexting, and exchanging pictures. It’s designed for those who enjoy anime and want to experience a more personalized and interactive form of anime entertainment. The platform is a sister company of DreamGf AI. Details Key Features

  1. Diverse AI Models: boasts a vast library of AI anime models, offering a wide range of characters to interact with. The AI characters are categorized into various types, including Girl, One girl and one boy, Two Girls, Three Girls, Boy, and Futanari, each offering unique conversational experiences.

  2. Customization: Users can create their dream AI anime character, customizing aspects like appearance, personality, and more. The customization options include body type, hair style and color, eyes, expression, clothes, and environment.

  3. Interactive Conversations: The platform offers engaging texting, sexting, and roleplaying experiences with AI characters. Each character has a unique personality, making interactions feel more genuine and diverse.

  4. AI-Generated Images: Users can request and receive AI-generated images of their characters, including regular, swimsuit, and nude pictures.

  5. Daily Rewards: encourages regular engagement by offering a daily reward feature, where users can build up a streak for more rewards.

  6. Fictional Anime Waifus: The platform includes AI versions of popular anime characters for users to interact with.


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