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Xelf AI

What is Xelf AI

Xelf AI is an AI and Web 2 and Web 3 technology platform. It’s characterized by its capacity to offer immersive, personalized, and unrestricted AI chat experiences. This platform bridges the gap between traditional web technologies and the emerging Web3 paradigm, allowing users to interact with AI characters, AI NFTs, and creators’ AI clones through various mediums like text, voice, images, and video.

Xelf AI Details

  • Tag: NSFW AI Chatbot
  • Developer: Xelf AI
  • Release Time: 2023
  • Users: Over 1 Million

Xelf AI Key Features

  1. Customizable AI Personalities: Users can craft unique AI personalities infused with their own thoughts, stories, and characteristics.
  2. Interactive Learning Tools: The platform provides intuitive tools for users to teach and evolve their AI, facilitating learning and growth over time.
  3. Community and Engagement: Xelf AI has a thriving community where users can share their AI creations, receive feedback, and engage with others.
  4. Web2 and Web3 Integration: It seamlessly integrates Web2 and Web3 technologies, connecting users to a diverse range of digital experiences.
  5. Rewards System: The platform includes a robust rewards system where activities can earn users points, rewards, and referrals.
  6. Subscription Model: Xelf AI supports creators with a 70% commission-based subscription model, encouraging content monetization and community growth.
  7. Diverse AI Personas: The platform offers diverse AI personas for various interactions, from humorous chats to creative dialogues.

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