What is is an open-source platform designed for creating and interacting with AI characters. It stands out as an alternative to platforms like, emphasizing user control over data, models, and characters. The platform enables users to select from a range of pre-existing AI models or import their own, providing a foundation for creating diverse AI characters that can interact in a roleplay environment in a dynamic and realistic manner. Details Key Features

  1. Open-Source Models: Offers flexibility to choose or bring your own AI models, ensuring a wide range of possibilities for character creation.
  2. Customizability: Users can create unique characters, personas, and user interfaces, catering to specific creative needs and aspirations.
  3. User Data Control: Provides full control over user data, enhancing privacy and customization options.
  4. Cross-Model Compatibility: Supports a variety of AI models, making it suitable for diverse applications.
  5. Accessibility and Developer Options: Highly accessible to developers for modifications or extensions, encouraging community-driven enhancements.


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