Holoworld AI

What is Holoworld AI

Holoworld AI is a decentralized AI character marketplace and social platform that democratizes the creation and interaction with intelligent AI bots. Founded by Hologram Labs, a San Francisco-based startup backed by notable investors like Polychain Capital and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, Holoworld AI stands at the intersection of entertainment, education, and the creator economy. It enables users to craft, customize, and engage with 3D AI characters across various domains, from anime and historical figures to modern celebrities and internet influencers.

Holoworld AI Details

Holoworld AI Key Features

  • Decentralized AI Marketplace: A central hub for trading AI agents, wearables, and other digital assets, fostering a vibrant community of creators and users.
  • 3D AI Characters: Advanced tools for creating highly personalized 3D virtual companions, enhancing the digital interaction experience.
  • Social Integration: Seamless connection with social media platforms like Twitter, allowing AI avatars to mirror users’ online personas.
  • Creator Economy Support: Innovative revenue models for creators through the Gem System and digital collectibles, integrating web3 technology for fair compensation.
  • Holoworld Core Technologies: Cutting-edge technologies including Hologram Mocap for real-time motion capture, Holo3D for texture and mesh generation, HoloAnimate for motion transfer, and HoloGPT for ultra-realistic character responses.

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