What is ChatNBX

ChatNBX is an AI chat application that serves thousands of users, empowering them to create content, generate images, write code, and brainstorm ideas. It utilizes powerful open-source and unrestricted language models such as LLama 2 70B, OpenHermes 2, nous hermes 13b, and Stable Diffusion XL for image generation. This makes ChatNBX a versatile tool for both personal and professional use.

ChatNBX Details

ChatNBX Key Features

  1. Custom Stop Tokens: Allows setting of custom model end tokens.
  2. Negative Prompts: Enhances model behavior by specifying what the model should not do.
  3. API Access: Provides APIs for open-source models, enabling custom use case development.
  4. Content Creation: Assists in creating personalized adventures, product descriptions, headlines, blog posts, and more.
  5. Image Generation: Facilitates the generation of images for social media and marketing.

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