Agnai Chat

What is Agnai Chat

Agnai Chat is a unique open-source platform that allows users to craft and chat with AI characters. It supports multiple AI engines, such as GPT-3, Claude, Anthropic, and others, providing a broad range of AI capabilities. The platform is designed to be AI-agnostic, meaning it can work with different AI services, offering users a customizable and flexible experience.

Agnai Chat Details

  • Tag: Free AI Chatbot
  • Developer: Agnai Chat
  • Release Time: 2023
  • Users: Over 1 Million

Agnai Chat Key Features

  1. Open Source and Customizable: Agnai Chat is completely open-source, offering full customization and transparency to its users.
  2. Compatibility with Multiple AI Engines: The platform works with various AI engines, including GPT-3, Claude, and Anthropic, among others.
  3. Multi-User and Multi-Bot Capability: It supports multi-tenancy, allowing multiple users and bots to use the platform simultaneously.
  4. Creation of Custom AI Personas: Users can create and customize their own AI characters, tailoring the experience to their specific needs.
  5. Seamless Operation on Various Devices: Agnai Chat is designed to work smoothly on both mobile and desktop devices.

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