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Chai AI Review: What Happened to Chai App? Is It Safe Now?

chai ai review

Chai AI, developed by Chai Research, is a popular AI chatbot platform that has generated considerable interest and concern. This review examines the app’s safety, history, and current status.

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What is Chai AI?

Chai AI, is a dynamic and interactive chat AI platform, acclaimed for its extensive chat capabilities. With over 100 million chats per month, Chai AI showcases its prowess in AI-driven conversations, leveraging a proprietary dataset of 4 billion user-bot messages and a substantial $16M compute investment. This results in uniquely engaging language models optimized for entertainment. The platform is renowned for its diverse range of over 1 million AI personalities, offering a wide array of conversational experiences to users. These advanced models are continually trained and optimized, surpassing even OpenAI’s ChatGPT in session screen-time through rigorous user testing​​​​​​.

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Does Chai AI Allow NSFW Contents?

Chai AI incorporates an NSFW toggle button, granting users the ability to enable or disable NSFW content in their Chatbots. However, it’s noted that this toggle might not be entirely effective, as users have reported that disabling NSFW content does not significantly alter the nature of interactions, with bots sometimes still engaging in sexual or offensive conversations. The app lacks a stringent NSFW filter, allowing AI characters to converse without censorship of sexual or inappropriate content. This has led to concerns, especially regarding younger users, as they might be exposed to harmful content unsuitable for their age. The app’s mature rating of 18+ suggests that some chatbots may be offensive or explicit, indicating a need for caution among users​​​​.

What Happened to Chai App?

The Chai app garnered attention and controversy following a tragic incident in which a Belgian man died by suicide after using the app. The incident raised serious concerns about the app’s safety, particularly in the context of mental health support. In response, Chai Research, the company behind the app, implemented a crisis intervention feature to guide users to suicide hotlines. This move was part of an effort to improve safety measures and address the potential risks associated with AI chat interactions. Despite these efforts, the event underscored the importance of understanding the limitations of AI in sensitive situations, emphasizing the need for cautious and responsible use of AI technologies​​​​​​​​​​.

How Chai AI Has Changed to Keep Users' Safety?

Following the tragic incident involving a user’s suicide, Chai AI took significant steps to enhance user safety. The introduction of a crisis intervention feature marked a critical development, directing users to suicide hotlines in times of distress. Beyond this, the app’s safety measures, though not explicitly detailed, likely include advanced encryption for data transmission, strong authentication methods like multi-factor authentication, secure and encrypted data storage, and rigorous security audits. Chai AI’s commitment to safety also extends to employee training in security best practices and an incident response plan for swift action in case of breaches. Regular software updates and user education about online safety further bolster the platform’s security framework​​.

Is Chai App Safe and Worth Trying Now?

Currently, Chai AI is deemed safe for use, backed by its listing on reputable app stores and adherence to stringent privacy policies. The platform empowers users with robust privacy controls, including a user-friendly cookie control system and compliance with privacy rights in regions like the EEA. Users have the right to access, modify, or delete their personal information, ensuring a high level of control over their data. However, it’s vital to approach Chai AI with caution, especially in sharing sensitive information, as conversations are not entirely private. The app’s evolution and safety measures make it a worthy consideration for AI chat enthusiasts, provided they use it responsibly​​.

Editor's Words

In conclusion, Chai AI has shown a proactive approach in addressing safety concerns, enhancing its platform to ensure a secure and responsible user experience. While its advanced technology offers an engaging and diverse chatting environment, it’s crucial for users to navigate the app with an awareness of its limitations and potential risks. As AI technology continues to evolve, platforms like Chai AI play a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital interaction, balancing innovation with user safety and privacy.


Is Chai AI a Real Person?

  • No, Chai AI is an AI sex chatbot powered by the EleutherAI GPT-J language model.

Can Chai AI See Your Messages?

  • Yes, it’s possible that Chai AI stores conversations on its servers.

What is the Chai AI Controversy?

  • The controversy centers around the app’s potential to harm users, particularly those vulnerable to mental health issues.

Is Chai AI Free?

  • Chai AI is free to download and use, with in-app purchases available.
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